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2 Responses to CORONA DREAMS

  1. Entered for someone:
    My dream 16.4.2020

    I am standing on the shore. I see many ships . Bigger ones. Smaller ones. sailboats. Suddenly. They all start drowning at once. One large one draws my attention specifically.
    Oh my. I run into my parents apartment and try to think how to help. I need to save people. I run back to shore. I start looking out on the sea how I can be helpful. The large boat that drowned wasn’t too far. I should be able to pull pple out. I see feet and hands of humans and start pulling them out. I hold their hand and then they can pull themselves out. Most are large, tall strong men. They don’t acknowledge that I helped them. One in particular is annoyed that I helped. He could have made it to shore on his own! Why did I interfere?
    I am amazed at the phenomenon of all these boats drowning at once….I try to find in the news about it…
    I realize my parents have meanwhile arrived to their house. I want to tell them about it all, but they are sleeping. I am conscious about not having prepared the apartment for them properly, because I was busy saving pple. I am aware of the fear of my mother’s quiet criticism. Condenscending, quiet disaspprovement.
    But then, if I tell her what I was doing I can take the disapproval away. She will understand.
    Meanwhile, I run back to shore. Maybe there are more pple out there. But I am late. They probably drowned already. I walk into the water. Fully clothed. I check. It seems I see deeper in some human flesh or feet . I can’t help them . They are too far. Maybe they drowned already. Maybe I can help them still and resuscitate them…I feel a little helpless and want others to help, too.
    The shore I stand on turns into a chareidi hotel that took in all these pple for free. Until after Shsbbat they offer free lodgings. I am relieved. I realize all the pple got hot showers, hot sauna and are resting now all warm and snuggly in clean beds. White crispy bedlinen.
    I think I remember Kaila Schwartz as the Hotel owner?
    Interesting from all the Hotels on the shore all these pple ended up on the shore of the chareidi Hotel. Hotel old fashioned style but very clean and homely.
    Suddenly I notice two sweet frum girls sisters and another two sisters. They also have been saved from the boat. I recognize them from somewhere. Not sure from where. I approach them. They had been on a trip together. Now we remember where we know each other from. Their parents had one of these summer hotels where I attended years ago with my kids. They remember me with all my six cute little boys…dressed the same. I had almost forgotten about these times…wow.
    Now I hear from the news what happened. The boat was drowning so unexpectedly that they think of some sabotage . It was a fancy vacation type of tourist boat. The girls had been on it, too. Their parents were too busy for them, so they
    grouped together.
    In the news they said the boat had been a luxury tourist boat from …..?going to an important business meeting in one of the Hotels in Tel Aviv shore. Instead they drowned and ended up in the chareidi Hotel to recover. It had been close enough for pple to swim to safety, and this Hotel was closest to them.
    There was some terrorism involved because the way the boat drowned wasn’t natural. It went like down, suddenly without warning and straight down

  2. Spore says:

    I had this dream just as the pandemic was starting to become a panic in my country and things were shutting down. I just recall that I looked out the window to see these things flying/floating in the sky that looked like barges. There was no noise, but they glided across the sky. On them were lots of police, but I noticed there was also a lion on one of them, right at the head of the barge. They all stood stiffly at attention as if looking for something or as if they were at war.

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